Posture Correction

Posture is one of the two primary causes of spine misalignment, pain and degeneration. (The other is trauma.) Without correcting posture, you are unlikely to get a long-term or permanent relief of pain.

Posture can usually be improved very substantially using:
1. Specific chiropractic posture correction techniques
2. Posture retraining exercises
3. Postural muscle strengthening exercises
4. Spinal traction With this multi-pronged approach, most posture can be very substantially corrected for better appearance, performance, vitality, health, and longevity.

Whether it’s your head position, rounded shoulders or mid back, imbalances in your shoulder height or pelvic height, let us help you with improving your posture with specific postural improvement procedures and techniques.

Dr. Chad offers great expertise across other areas aside from improving posture, including the shoulders, hips, arms, legs and more. We may also be able to assist you with back pain treatment. So whether you’re a local resident in Bromley or reside in the neighbouring Port Hills suburbs of Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Ferrymead or Heathcote be sure to Book a consultation at Chiropractor For Life with Dr. Chad and get effective pain relief today.